Great news! We are now offering a middleman service for PSA card grading.

Prices will start at $32aud!

As you grade  more cards, the prices between each 100 cards graded will drop by $1 - (The cards dont all have to be graded at the same time) for example:

0-100 total cards graded - $32
101-200 total cards graded - $31
201-300 total cards graded - $30
301-400 total cards graded - $29
400+ total cards graded - $28


We have locations in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast where you can pick up/drop off your cards for piece of mind so they dont have to be sent via post. (Occasionally from Melbourne also)

If you would like, you are more then welcome to post the cards into us aswell ofcourse! 


Current turnaround times  - 60 Business days

Submissions will be sent on a monthly basis.


If you are interested and would like to have some of your trading cards graded by PSA, please send through an email at or reach out on 0409131405 to get the process started.